Religion and The Cosmos

According to scholars, the world of Gaea is a great sphere Orbiting the brilliant sun amid the endless aether. Within that distant aether lie the realms of the gods, and beyond that infinite open space, stretching into the depths of the sky, dotted by stars.

Such academic explanations hold little meaning for common folk, however. To the average person, the sky is the sky, and the world is the world, and the scriptures are enough of an explanation for how these things interact. What is widely accepted as the nature of the universe is that the world is, in fact, a sphere, and that beyond it the sun does shine, and beyond this still the gods occupy their heavenly realms, marked in the sky by constellations.

Such common beliefs do not unify religious opinion, and several primary faiths are held by people throughout the world.

The Scriptures of the Immortals

Worship of the Earth Mother


Religion and The Cosmos

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