The World

The world of Gaea is dominated by the originally named continent of Gaea. Also referred to as the Mainland, the Continent, or the Motherland, Gaea’s stretches from its frozen north to a hot and arid southern coastline, and wraps around the world so that its east and west coasts share the same Shining Sea.

Most maps are centered on the Shining Sea, a body of water less than 100 miles wide at its narrowest, and more than 1000 at its widest. The sea is warm, verdant, and is heavily trafficked. It extends from the icy glaciers at its northern tip to the subtropical islands in the south.

These Islands, known as the Enclaves, are home to numerous peoples, ranging from small tribal groups to large city states. The islands themselves vary in size from miniscule sand bars to land masses that can hold powerful nations. The largest of them, The Boundless Thread, is often considered a separate continent in itself, and has not been fully explored. Its exact extent and what lies beyond its jungles is a mystery even to many who live on it.

The Western Coast of the sea gives way to varied and densely populated regions. This part of the continent holds the homelands of the Dragonreach, the Iron Dominion, and numerous smaller states and peoples. The lands here are fertile, often rainy, and give way to highlands and mountains of increasing intensity the farther inland one travels.

The Eastern Coast of the sea and the regions beyond, often referred to as the Dawnlands, are dominated by expansive plains, low hills, and gusting winds. Though not as large as the western landform, the Dawnlands are dominated politically by the young Goldshore Commonwealth, and contain enough resources to ensure that they do not fall at the wayside of their more geographically impressive mirror.

The Great Desert, the Blighted Plains, the Dry Sea: All these and many more refer to the enormous barren wasteland that lies at the heart of the Continent of Gaea, isolating the two halves from easy land travel. The desert once held a great civilization of grey towers sustained amid the wastes by powerful magic, and is still home to the descendents of these people; but such history is of little concern to most of the people who traverse the desert, either in nomadic bands, or in trade caravans mad enough to attempt the overland passage around the world.

The World

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