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Before The Primordial Age
1st Zenith The Reign of the Archdragons
1st Waning The Decimation
2nd Zenith The Revival
2nd Waning Ashura’s Blight
3rd Zenith The Rise of the Deep Lords
3rd Waning The Underwar
4th Zenith The Pact
4th Waning The Kin war

Other peoples

Gods, Priests, and Religion

The Gods

  • Gaea The Mother of all life, the body of the world, and the Goddess of Nature.
  • Ashura Goddess of conquest, victory, and law.
  • Samas Goddess of charity, sacrifice, language and madness.
  • Nanshe Goddess of knowledge, travel, magic, and craft.
  • Ananke God of growth, decay, rebirth, and fire.
  • Hadad God of strength, the sea, the wind, and the skies.
  • Enkia Deity of mischief, home, fertility, and health.
  • Zaqar God of death, reincarnation, and balance.

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